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What Is a Digital MRO Platform?

digital projectionA Digital MRO Platform is how organizations keep track of their assets to run smoothly with a range of parameters designed to extend the lifespan of an asset and increase its efficiency. Impresa’s software solution can help you accomplish this.

Your assets include both physical and non-physical properties and refer to the end-to-end process by which they are purchased, stored, utilized, and maintained throughout their useful life.

Organizations track the health of their assets using several methods. Many use data provided by sensors connected to the Internet (Internet of Things or IoT) to monitor asset performance in real time. As part of an overall maintenance strategy, asset maintenance is performed regularly to reduce maintenance costs, extend asset life, and avoid unplanned downtime.

During the first stage, stakeholders assess the need for an asset, its projected value to the organization, and its projected cost. They formulate a plan for how an asset will be operated and maintained and carefully consider any risks associated with the asset acquisition.

It’s important to carefully gauge the overall value of any asset to an organization. To do this, decision-makers will need to take into account an asset’s likely length of useful life along with its projected performance over time.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an asset that allows operators to run tests and predict performance based on simulations. With a good digital twin, decision-makers can know how well an asset is likely to perform under the conditions they will subject it to.

The next stage is the purchase, transportation, and installation of the asset. A critical piece to consider during this stage is how the new asset is put into operation, how will it be integrated with other assets? How will it fit in to an organization’s existing inventory management plan? How will its data be shared? All these questions must be answered as part of an overall plan to optimize the asset and keep it performing at peak levels.

The objective of a Digital MRO Platform is to always maximize the performance of your digital assets by monitoring it for problems and performing preventive maintenance. 

Enterprise asset management (EAM)

EAM is a method that combines software, systems, and services to lengthen your asset lifespan and increase productivity.

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

A computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, is a type of asset management software that maintains a database of your organization’s maintenance operations to extend the asset lifespan.

Asset tracking

Technological advances have made the tracking of assets and the measuring of asset performance and location in real-time a crucial part of your asset lifecycle management. Radiofrequency identifier tags (RFID), WiFi-enabled tracking, QR codes, and global positioning satellites (GPS) help track your assets.

To properly deal with an assets’ depreciation over time, decision-makers must consider a strategy for its eventual disposal and replacement. Valuable assets can be complex and markets are always shifting so it’s important to consider the overall return on investment an asset is yielding as it nears the end of its life. Decision-makers will want to take into consideration the assets’ uptime, its projected lifespan, the shifting costs of fuel and/or spare parts needed to run it and of course the overall value of the tasks its performing for the organization when deciding whether or not to retire it.  

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Only Impresa connects the Digital MRO Platform data from traditionally siloed legacy systems across multiple geographies and teams – even when they rely on different local processes and supply chains.

Technicians and service planners gain access and visibility into the most up-to-date service plans for an asset: the moment they need it.

Find out why this is important for your organization and your assets.


Digital twins in Impresa can capture operational and environmental conditions.

When it’s connected with the Digital MRO Platform data, a company’s digital twin becomes even more valuable.  The context – plus every resulting configuration at the time of service.

This creates a traceable history of changes to the asset in order to achieve your full asset lifecycle management.

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Manage centralized access to data from across a fleet of digital twins – including planned and actual service events, asset configurations, and environmental conditions.

This access provides a wealth of information for service planners to leverage when improving asset maintainability.

This creating multiple efficiencies by streamlining supply chains, resource use, and asset availability.


Engineering holds a wealth of data that is seldom accessible to service organizations. Let Impresa’s Digital MRO Platform software work for YOU.

Likewise, service teams too infrequently communicate learning back to engineering, to help them design for asset sustainability and performance in the first place.

By connecting these resources into an extended Digital Thread of product information, Impresa’s Digital MRO Platform powers improvements across the enterprise.

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